Wills and Powers of Attorney

Straightforward, swift and sensitive advice is given in response to your needs whether it is for the making of a Will or a Power of Attorney.

It is a worry that the majority of people do not have a Will and especially so when you consider how easy it is to avoid unnecessary trauma for dependants and relatives. Your Will can make provision for your family and friends, reduce the payment of tax, appoint guardians for your children and set out any specific wishes you may have.

Why wouldn’t you want to make a Will? Contact me to find how easy it is.

You may already have a Will but what happens if for whatever reason you become unable to look after your affairs? You wouldn’t want the Court of Protection to become involved and appoint a stranger to look after your affairs. By making a Power of Attorney you can choose who looks after your affairs....a much better situation.

Why wouldn’t you want to make a Power of Attorney? Contact me to find out how easy it is.